Easter Celebration: CAJ President Felicitates with African Christians, Advocates Peaceful Coexistence

Easter Celebration: CAJ President Felicitates with African Christians, Advocates Peaceful Coexistence

The President of Congress of African Journalists, CAJ, Adeboboye Michael has felicitated with African Christians all over the world on the celebration of Easter, saying Jesus Christ was a symbol of peace and as a result, all Africans should emulate Christ and embrace peace for the growth and development of the continent.

According to Adeboboye, the celebration of Easter was much more of lessons about forgiveness, magnamity and sacrifice, and not just about the merriment.

He said that for the continent of Africa and her people to mount a higher developmental pedestal, all and sundry should embrace peace; a symbol he ascribed to Christ who he described as foundation of Christianity.

He said Christ came to the world as an offer from the Almighty for forgiveness, message of peace, sacrifice and his resurrection should always be a reminder of what he actually stood for. 

"Jesus Christ is a rare offer for spiritual cleansing in order to make man's iniquities washed away from the face of the Almighty. We should be able to remember what he represents. 

"He composed himself in a peaceful manner, he is compassionate and selfless - as Africans, our continent will be a better place if we emulate his qualities. Christ stands for peace. His message  is about love, and loving our fellow Africans will put the continent on a greater path of progress.

"African leaders should see themselves as sacrifice for the continent's development rather than seeing their positions of leadership as opportunity for selfish agenda. The continent will move forward in positive terms if African leaders are compassionate about their people"

Congratulating members of CAJ on the Easter celebration, Adeboboye said the African Pen Pushers should sacrifice their pens and minds for Africa's emancipation from a dark tunnel and typhoon of negative narratives all the time.

He however charged journalists of African origin all over the world to be united and positive about narratives of Africa, adding that Africa was a continent with opportunities. 

"As journalists of Africa origin, we have duty of promoting positive values of the continent. There's no nation without its own ills. Therefore,  we should use our pens and minds for developmental and not destructive narratives about our continent. However, in the practice of the profession, we should not derail from the track of ethical standards. We owe the society the truth"he said.

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