Membership of CAJ

Membership of CAJ is by registration and open to all forms of journalism practices but with emphasis on truth, facts and all ethical standard of journalism. 

Media owners/proprietors who are of African origin from all over the world are eligible for application for registration as member of CAJ.

Membership Composition.

CAJ shall be composed of journalists, journalism educators, media owners, students pursuing a career in journalism, mass communication, media related courses and people or entities that support the CAJ’S vision and goals. 

Membership Eligibility
Membership of CAJ shall be by registration with specified amount payable by applicant into the accredited bank account(s), MANUALLY, VIA CAJ’s online payment platforms or recommended officers of CAJ.


Lifetime Member

CAJ founders, Members of the Board of Trustees’ and past CAJ presidents NOT REMOVED FROM OFFICE shall be automatic Lifetime members.


Professional Member

Professional membership shall be open to any person whose principal livelihood comes from creating, producing or supervising the creation of journalism and related media activities.


Affiliate Member

Affiliate membership shall be open to unions/organisations/associations of journalists in Africa, journalists of Africa origin in Diaspora, including organisations that trades in any form of media related activities.


Academic Member

Academic membership shall be open to college and university faculty and other academic professionals, including administrators and trainers, with research and or teaching interests in journalism.


Veteran Member

Veteran membership shall be open to anyone who has been in the practice of journalism and media professionals for not less than 25 years.


Student Members

Student membership shall be open to students of institute of journalism, college or university students including undergraduate, graduate and associate degree students, who have demonstrated interest in journalism and media related courses and trainings.


Honorary Membership

The board of trustees shall have the authority to establish foreign colleagues and partnership networks whose works shall be to the advancement of journalism profession in line with objectives and missions of the organisation as honorary membership who shall be non-voting category of membership.


Fellowship Membership

Fellows of Congress of African Journalists shall be an honour bestowed on the best in the profession by election at the Board of Trustees in a meeting. The membership is in recognition of distinguished contributions to the journalism profession.


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