Our Board of Trustees

Fundamental Responsibilities

The Board of Trustees shall have the fundamental responsibilities of providing the organisation with sound governance, fiduciary and strategic oversight and direction. The board shall oversee the operations of the organisation, ensures that the public’s trust is upheld. It shall ensure the organisation’s financial integrity and ethical practices. It shall ensure legal requirements are met and established procedures to safeguard the organisation from fraud and risk. 

Duty of Care

The board members shall discharge duties in good faith. Board members shall: Attend board and committee meetings, Prepare for meetings in advance, Review financial reports and other critical information regularly, Exercise independent judgment, Request information needed for decision making.

Duty of Obedience

The board members shall make decisions in accordance with the objectives of the organisation, uphold its bylaws, policies, and functions, and not act in a way that is inconsistent with the central goals of the organisation. The board members shall: Ensure compliance with all reporting requirements, Examine all legal and governing documents, Make decisions within the scope of the objectives and the law

our board


The board members shall act in the interests of the organisation and not their own personal interests or the interests of some other person/organization. The Board Member shall: Adhere to the conflict of interest policy, Disclose all conflicts, Avoid the use of the organisation’s opportunities for personal gain, Maintain confidentiality of information held by the organization


The board members must be: Loyal, and Obedient. Leadership positions are created within the Board of Trustees to assure that responsibilities are fulfilled.

Michael A. Adeboboye

Emmanuella Maikem Manzie

Ashraf Aboul Yazid Dali

Joseph Adika

Emmanuel N. Ketaman

Ambe MacMillan Awa

Olusiji Balogun

Ajong Mbapndah Laurean

Habibat Bolaji Salami

Mohammed Ibrahim Nur Moalimuu

Ochola Qlaypole Edache


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